Windows XP Not Yet Fading Away

It’s 50 years (really!) since The Rolling Stones sang “Not Fade Away”

It could almost be an anthem for Windows XP.

Microsoft Ends Support for Windows XP - screen capture from Microsoft
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Is no-one listening to the warnings about the impending end of Microsoft support for XP? I’ve just been looking at some statistics of my website visitors and was astonished to find that the percentage of Windows XP users visiting my site in the last month (16.1%) is exactly the same as the figure for the last 12 months (16.1%).

What could be the reasons that there seem to be as many XP users as ever?

No-one is taking any notice

I’ve heard people compare this situation with the “millennium bug“. They’re saying that the world didn’t end then, so why should it end now? Well, that’s a bit like saying that Krakatoa’s last eruption didn’t finish us off, so why worry about Somerset turning into Waterworld?

I would argue that not only was the millennium bug a completely different situation, but it wasn’t even the non-event that people now choose to remember. I was designing database systems at the time and I remember having to come up with some pretty nifty formula changes to compensate for the fact that software date arithmetic at that time assumed that all dates were in the 20th century. Had we not been concerned about similar problems in the chips themselves, there would have been a lot of inconvenience that was avoided.

Aside from silly comparisons with the millenium bug, do you want to risk everything on your computer – and every other computer that is connected to your local network – just to keep an XP machine running a bit longer?

Windows XP logo as a gravestone against Windows XP desktop backgroundPeople have taken notice but think they are invulnerable

Yes, I think this could well be true of a lot of people. There are still people out there who won’t take antivirus software seriously, so why would they even bother to consider the possibilities of virus and malware writers exploiting an increasingly fragile XP? To those people I say “thank you for paying me to remove your viruses”, but please, instead, just accept the reality that you are safer using antivirus protection and you’ll be safer not using a Windows XP computer after March 2014.

My figures are not typical

Actually, they are. Figures published in Jan 2014 by Net Market Share, StatCounter, and W3Counter, show Windows XP share of the market as 22.3%, 13.8% and 13.8% respectively.

Most of those XP users are in the developing world

Surprisingly, I can’t find any figures that show operating system usage by country. Looking at my own visitors, I find that UK, North America, and the Rest of Europe make up 86% of my visitors, leaving 14% from the Rest of the World. Is that 14% the same people as the 16% still using XP? I doubt it, but I’d like to find out more. There’s no doubt that the use of XP is likely to be skewed towards countries and regions less wealthy than Europe and North America. One of the big criticisms aimed at Microsoft for ceasing support for XP is that it will hurt users badly in areas where they can’t afford to upgrade their operating system and/or computers. Whether that is fair criticism is another question.

Pile of junked computers
Coming to a council tip near you?
There are loads of XP machines about to be pensioned off

I have seen evidence of this among my own computer support clients. It seems that a fair number of computer users have several machines and one or two of the oldest are running XP. These will be rapidly taken out of commission if XP becomes dangerous to use after support ends.

So, I think I’ve now done my fair share in warning my computer support clients about the end of Microsoft’s support for XP. I’ll try not to bang on about it again – until and unless we have more real news, at any rate.

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That’s it. I’ll shut up now.


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