IT Jokes (again)

Coming up for Christmas, and my brain is ready for a break

After a couple of one-offs, I began this weekly blog on the 5th November 2010. That’s over five years ago and I haven’t missed a single week since then. I schedule the blog for publication (by Google’s Feedburner) at 12:30pm on a Saturday. A big “thank you” to Google, who have done an almost perfect job in publishing it within an hour or two of that time. I think there have only been a couple of times that it somehow got missed by them until the following day.

Anyway, the reason for publication at 12:30 on a Saturday is that this gives me Saturday morning to write it if there’s been no time during the preceding week. Although it gets done in a little less time these days, I allow 3.5hrs per blog and aim to write 500-1000 words. This year I’ve noticed myself writing it more and more often on a Saturday and the time has now come to acknowledge the growing pressure. So, I’m going to have two weeks off and will re-commence publication on 9th January. I thought of reducing it to once a month, but if I keep my wits about me I think I should be able to publish once a fortnight next year, so that’s the plan.

Have a good break and thank you for reading my blog.

No argument about it – I stole these jokes from the internet. I hope at least one or two of them will give you a smile.





Here’s the full list (so far) of a seemingly-endless series of jokes about IT


(Last updated 04/12/2023)