Consigning Email to Junk on an iPhone

Do you just delete spam and junk on your iPhone because you can’t see how to consign its sender to email oblivion?

IOS Mail IconFilters used by email providers are very good these days at stopping most of the world’s email rubbish from getting into your inbox. Nevertheless, the occasional rogue message will still get through and it’s a bit annoying when you see the same villains getting through to your iPhone over and over again just because it’s not obvious how you send them to a junk folder (ie delete them and, at the same time, make sure that any future emails from that sender automatically meet the same fate).

Well, you can, indeed, send email messages to a junk folder in the IOS Mail program (ie the “normal” email program on your iPhone), but the method is different depending on where you are at the moment you decide to junk the email:

If the message is open at the time you decide to junk it:

  • Tap on the flag icon (bottom left of screen)
  • Tap on the “Move to Junk” option

If you are looking at a message list at the time you decide to junk one of the messages:

  • Swipe across the message from right to left until you see the “more” button (a row of three white dots on a grey background)
  • Tap on the “more” button
  • Tap on the “Mark…” button
  • Tap on the “Move to Junk” option

If you want to junk several messages at once:


  • Go to the message list
  • Tap on “Edit” (top right of screen)
  • Tap on all the messages that you want to mark as junk
  • Tap on the “Mark” option (bottom left of screen)
  • Tap on the “Move to Junk” option

If you check your email on other devices as well as your iPhone, then you will probably receive no more messages from that sender on any of your devices, but this depends on your connections to your email server being IMAP, and on your email server understanding the iPhone’s action in moving the mail to junk.

No SpamThe least successful outcome should be that you do not receive any more messages from the sender on your iPhone but that everything else stays the same as now.