Re-visiting some previous blog posts

It’s finally happened. I’ve run out of ideas

Writing a Blog
… and here’s a few I prepared earlier
There are enough new developments in the world of IT to keep me going writing fortnightly blogs for as long as I’m likely to need them. Sometimes, though, I just can’t find anything I want to cover. And even I do sometimes get fed up whingeing about online privacy and about how important it is not to use the same password in several contexts.

While I was casting about for ideas today, I thought I’d had a couple of good ideas – only to discover that I’d already covered them. And then a brilliant idea (cheat) occurred to me. So, here it is, a list (with links, of course), to some of my previous posts that still seem relevant. They are in no particular order.

15/09/2012 Is That Website Genuine and Safe?

29/09/2012 Password Problems Taken to the Next Level

22/12/2012 Basic Techniques in Photo Editing

03/12/2010 Great Free Software – Gadwin Print Screen

10/12/2010 Turn It Off or Leave It On?

28/05/2011 Don’t Use Registry Cleaners

02/07/2011 Digital Image Formats

22/10/2011 Portents of Hard Drive Failure

17/12/2011 File Sizes

11/02/2012 Sizing Digital Images

(It’s my guess that if I had forgotten that I’d written them, then you will have forgotten as well.)