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Are you in London and looking for training that specifically addresses your own needs?

Computer training delivered in classrooms has drawbacks:

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  • Cost
  • Fitting in with someone else’s timetable
  • Travelling time and expenses
  • Lack of fit between the syllabus and your own needs
  • Insufficient personal attention
  • Training delivered at the wrong pace for you

Consider this for an alternative:

  • One-to-one private computer training in London at home at your own PC
  • Training delivered in bite-size chunks of one and a half to three hours
  • …and you choose how long each computer training session will be

There are some definite advantages:

  • Your own questions are addressed
  • There are fewer distractions with home computer lessons
  • You do not incur any travelling time or expense (and I do not charge to visit you)
  • Your computer training can be delivered in “chunks” as small as 90 minutes

Suggestions for 1:1 computer training:

  • Make a list of at least some of the computer problems that you are experiencing and/or the computer skills you would like to acquire or improve
  • Send me the list
  • We discuss it
  • Then we have one computer training session to see how it goes
  • From there, we know each better and can decide the best way forward

This method is designed to get the most from the time available. The initial commitment is to a single computer training session only. If you only need one session, that’s fine. After one session, if you don’t think this method works for you, then that’s fine as well.

But if you’d like to book another session, that’s even better!

To get you started, here are some suggested topics:

  • Basic computer skills (eg switching on and off, using a mouse or trackpad, the keyboard).
  • Data backups
  • Anti-virus, anti-malware, firewalls
  • Digital images – editing, printing, storing, backing up
  • Filing and finding your data
  • Backing up your data and/or transferring it
  • Using email and the world wide web
  • Working with popular programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Dealing with problematic hardware
  • Tips for keeping your computer running smoothly

What if I don’t know the program that you need help with?

If you need computer training for a program that I do not know, then I will offer you a special rate for us to explore it together. Apply my 30+ years of professional PC experience to your specific questions and we’ll probably find the answers you need in a tiny fraction of the time that it would take you on your own.

Alternatively, if you have specific problems in areas unknown to me I will quote you to research the problem wherever possible and practicable.

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