General Information

I have over 30 years experience of working as a PC professional and over 40 years business experience

I work mainly with Windows  desktop and laptop computers and their peripherals (eg printers, scanners, routers, modems, digital stills cameras). I can also offer a reasonable depth of support for Android and IOS tablets and smartphones. I do have a growing clientele of Mac OSX users, but my knowledge with Macs is general and not particularly deep.

The support I provide is very “hands-on” and includes (but is not limited to) :

  • PC desktop, laptop, all-in-one, tablet, and smartphone trouble-shooting (standalone and home networks)
  • Installation and configuration of hardware and software
  • Upgrade management
  • Wired and wireless internet access
  • Online security (anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall)
  • Backups
  • Other Windows-based IT issues
  • One-to-one Training (I do not train groups)

I work with “stand-alone” computers and also with “peer to peer” networks. These are networks in which – typically – the computers can share each others’ files, internet connection, and printers, but there is no centralised “server” holding all the information.

My knowledge of Macs is not extensive, but I am happy to discuss your situation to see if I can help with Mac issues that you may have. I do not support Linux- or Unix-based machines. I have no interest in games consoles of any sort.

I do not repair computers. I may be able to assist and advise with some hardware issues, but if you need a new motherboard, a screen repair for a laptop, a new power supply,  or something like that then you need a computer repair service.

You can get an idea of the kind of work I do and the areas I cover by looking at some of my fortnightly blog posts.


I try to look at situations from the user’s point of view, using English – not “geek speak”. Your computer system is not your passion – it’s a tool (albeit a complicated one). I appreciate that computer issues are often stressful and I try hard to strike a balance by not bombarding you with too much technical information, while explaining the situation and choices in such a way that you can make informed decisions. Clients vary greatly in the amount of detailed information they want regarding their  computer issues. I strive hard to meet the individual client’s needs in this respect.


Most support is provided by a visit to the client’s home or work premises. To ensure the best in personal service, response times, and costs, I can only service clients in the London area. Neither telephone support nor remote control support is available for potential clients that would take longer than about seventy five minutes to reach for a personal visit (travelling by public transport).

Site Visits

All visits to clients are by prior appointment only. I pride myself on my punctuality and reliability. I will call you in the very unlikely event that I will be more than 10 minutes later than the appointed time.*

Telephone Support

Telephone support is available for existing clients. Short calls are free of charge. If an issue looks like it will take longer than about ten minutes then the client is asked to agree to a time-based charge. No charges are payable without the client’s agreement.

Remote Control Support

An increasing amount of support is becoming viable by taking control of the client’s computer via an internet connection. A telephone voice connection is also maintained during this time. The client can always see exactly what is happening and can terminate the session at any time. The password that gives me access to the client’s computer changes after each session so you can be sure that there can not be any unauthorised access to your system. I use Teamviewer software for a secure and reliable connection to the client’s computer. See Remote Support for more information.

If you are not sure whether I could help you or not, please do phone me and ask. Click here for full contact details.

* – the one exception, of course, is if I am held up somewhere that has no mobile phone reception – such as between stations on London Underground.