Remote Support

Remote support can be a quicker (and cheaper) way of solving your problems – and can be especially useful in these times of coronavirus

Freddle - introduction

Remote Support can be just a simple telephone call – providing help without being present at the computer that needs attention. But it can also mean “remote control support” – temporarily “connecting” the computers so that the person giving support can see the client’s screen via his/her own computer and can control the mouse and keyboard of the client’s computer.

This makes it much easier to provide remote technical support: it is quicker and far less stressful.

You need to have a working broadband connection for remote control support to work. Also, if your broadband is provided by TalkTalk then you need to contact them to instruct them to unblock Teamviewer.

Freddle - introducing TeamViewer


Remote Control Support is usually achieved by having software installed at each end that “talks” to the computer at the other end via the internet. For several years I have been using TeamViewer to provide remote control support to my clients. It’s fast, straightforward, and reliable.

Freddle - support whenever needed
Ongoing Remote Support – Whenever Needed

At the end of the first session, we can install an icon onto your desktop that will provide an almost instant connection at any time in the future. Thereafter, there will be no need to download the software again before another connection can be made.

Freddle - scheduling calls
Scheduling Support Calls

If I am available when you first make contact then I will be happy to offer remote support on the spot. However, it is often more convenient for all concerned to agree a convenient time within the next day or two. Scheduled calls can take place Monday – Friday, beginning at any time from about 9am to 5pm and I am happy to call you at the agreed time on any UK landline or mobile phone.

Freddle - security

I can not access your computer without your permission as you have to start the software at your end and you have to tell me what the password is. The password is generated by TeamViewer and it expires at the end of every session. Click here for further information on TeamViewer’s security.

Freddle - first connection
Connecting The First Time

We will probably already be speaking on the phone by the time you are ready to make the initial connection, so I can talk you through it. If you initiated the phone call I will be happy to call you back on any UK mobile number or landline. I will guide you through:

  • Clicking on the “Download TeamViewer” button on this page
  • A small window will open in your browser. If your browser allows you to open the file immediately then do so. If you need to save it first then do so and then open the saved file.
  • All you need to do then is tell me the ID and the password that are displayed on your screen.

We will then be connected within seconds. The support can now take place. We could be trouble-shooting, training, installing and updating software, or a mixture of any of these. When the remote control session is ended we simply close the software at your end and mine. I can not then access your computer again without your explicit permission since you will need to provide me with the new password.

TeamViewer download button

Freddle - charges

I charge £1 per minute for remote support. I do not charge a premium for using TeamViewer, even though it significantly improves the productivity of support calls and is commercial software for which I pay an annual licence. You do not pay for using TeamViewer at your end.

No charging takes place until and unless you agree that the support is chargeable.

I am happy to offer remote support to new clients that I have not met, upon payment of a minimum deposit of £10 paid via my website. This can be paid from a PayPal account or major credit or debit card.

There is a minimum charge of £10 for all chargeable remote support sessions, but please remember that no call is chargeable until and unless we agree that this is a support call and that you agree that it is chargeable. The £10 minimum charge includes the first ten minutes’ support.

I am happy to offer a “payment against invoice” facility to all existing clients (providing that there are no invoices outstanding for more than 30 days).

If you have any questions – about remote support or your own computer issues – then please do get in touch now: I will never charge you without your explicit agreement.

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Tel: 020 7627 8620

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