Silver Surfers

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Are you over 50 and need some help with your IT?

What are “Silver Surfers”?

According to Wikipedia, “Silver surfers refers to the population of individuals over the age of 50 who utilize the internet on a consistent basis.”

Freddle-and-MazeDo you need one-to-one help at your own computer, but feel afraid that a young “whizz-kid” might leave you feeling more confused about computers than you feel at the moment?

Maybe you’ve previously sought help from one of your own children, or from nephews or nieces. They probably helped but said everything too fast, and whizzed around the screen without ever stopping for breath.

And, let me guess, they’ve now gone to university and left you without any help at all!

An apology

I am sorry that this page does seem a bit patronising towards older computer users. On the one hand, you could very justifiably ask “why should my age have anything to do with it?” On the other hand, my experience of helping computer users definitely tells me that older users often feel as if their age somehow creates a barrier that, at the very least, they feel they need to apologise for.

Since I try to treat every client according to their needs, age shouldn’t come into it. But it does – you may need more time, more things explaining, you may be hard of hearing so need me to remember to look directly at you when speaking, and so on.

Don’t Panic!

But just because you don’t know a dongle from a router doesn’t mean that you are lacking anything at all other than that specific piece of information. All it really means is that you’ve probably been spending your life attending to more meaningful things. And you can learn this stuff from someone whose job is to provide personal service computer support – at your pace, in front of your own computer, and putting your needs and interests before jargon and techno-babble.

There are NO stupid questions

Silver Surfers are sometimes a bit shy of asking “stupid questions”. As far as computers are concerned, there are NO stupid questions. If you haven’t encountered something before then how can you expect to know about it? A basic question is not a stupid question, but asking it is a very good way of learning some basic information.

There is absolutely no shame whatever in asking basic questions. In fact, it makes it much easier to provide personal service computer support because it puts a spotlight right on what you want to know.

And don’t be fooled into thinking that “young people know all this stuff automatically” and that you are “too old to learn”. They don’t and you aren’t. They’ve learned it at school, at work, between themselves, and on their own. You can start now – with your own personal computer tutor.

Why do Silver Surfers come to me?

  • Like you, I am a “silver surfer”.
  • Having worked with PCs in a professional capacity since the 1980’s, I have well over 30 years of professional PC experience.
  • Most of my clients range in age from their 40’s to 80’s (but I do also have at least two clients in their mid 90’s).
  • My primary purpose is to understand each of my client’s wishes as fully as possible and do my best to fulfil them.
  • I try not to rush and I try to use as little jargon as possible.
  • Politeness, respect, integrity, punctuality and personal responsibility are of the utmost importance.

I can offer you one-to-one PC support and training specific to your own questions and needs. One of my introductory comments to new clients is “Don’t be afraid to ask anything you like. Not knowing something does not mean you are lacking anything. It just means you don’t know that specific thing”. It also makes my job easier when my client asks lots of questions, because then I know what it is that they want to know.

If you pay me to help you then it’s YOUR questions and problems that are important. It’s not my job to fill you up with all the geeky junk I’ve picked up over the years. My job is to help you to feel more confident and comfortable with your computer system by addressing your own questions, problems, and needs.

Maybe it is also true that my skills, interests, and outlook are likely to match your needs better than those of a much younger computer support consultant.

Why are you the right client for me?

I like working with – shall we say – more mature people. Senior citizens and London Silver Surfers make great clients. They are always more polite, friendlier, and less pushy than thrusting, hurrying youngsters in their 20’s and 30’s. Also, of course, I have much more in common with people nearer my own age. All of this tends to make my job easier and more satisfying.

Special rate for Silver Surfers

I am happy to offer Silver Surfers a £5 discount on my normal hourly rate. You don’t have to produce your bus pass to gain this rate (!), but:

  • You have to be happy to be implicitly telling me that you are at least 50 years old.
  • Please ask for this special rate. I won’t offer it because I do not want to make a faux pas.

What can I help you with?

  • Onsite PC support for a major problem (eg, a hard drive failure, virus infection, internet connection problem, printer problem, program installation and configuration, and so on).
  • Either onsite or remotely, we can tackle a wide range of issues – even just a pile of niggling ones.
  • Help with various aspects of your system so that you feel more comfortable and confident that it is working well, will continue to work well, and is as safe as practicably possible from online threats.
  • One-to-one training in specific aspects of your system.
  • Regular or occasional IT support for things that may crop up in the future.
  • Advice regarding computer upgrades, add-ons, and so forth.

Assuming that you are:

  • Within 75 minutes travelling time of Clapham (London SW4) and
  • Not using a server-based network, Linux, or Office 365 for Business.


Complete the short form below, press the “Send” button, and I will get back to you as soon as possible


Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00 – telephone me on 07961 387564 or 020 7627 8620 for a free chat to discuss how I can help you. Please leave a message if I am not available: I will return your call as soon as possible within normal office hours.

So, if you are looking for Personal Service from a PC Professional with over 30 years experience, let’s talk!

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