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David Leonard - Computer Support in London
Average rating:  
 78 reviews
by Veronica McIndoe on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David has been my go-to IT superhelper for many years now. He is extremely knowledgeable and patient with me and the problems I cause my laptop! With TeamViewer he is able to sort out whatever errors I have made and is willing to explain everything in a language I understand, not computer-speak! He will come up to North London when needed such as to set up a new laptop. David is very reliable and I am happy to recommend him to anyone needing IT support.

by Ingrid Lucas on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David was absolutely brilliant. I've been tackling complex problems, and getting nowhere. Not only was he patient in explaining how thing worked, he would not be defeated by a number of issues that were not obvious and inherited from a previous system. I am one very happy customer and will highly recommend David to others around me.

by Jane Stothert on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

What I like about David is not only does he solve the problem, but I learn at the same time.

by Edwin Lerner on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Very useful help for an untrained computer user like me!

by Priscilla Baines on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David has been endlessly patient, kind and understanding of my limitations in dealing with the difficulties of installing a new all-in-one to upgrade myself rather belatedly to Windows10. All done remotely thanks to covid-19 and I am most grateful.

by Jo Clays on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Fantastic help and advice setting up a new laptop and transferring data from the old machine, as well as helping with iPhone storage and back-up issues. David is knowledgeable, patient and his dry wit certainly helped when trying to move 10,000 photos. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services.

by Nigel Planer on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Great service David, not just help and advice with buying, installing and trouble shooting my last three devices, but also logical and articulate explanations for what’s going on, so I’ve become better at fixing things myself. Also no tekky sneering at my quirky way of laying things out the way I like them. Very personalised help. Thanks. NP

by Fleur Brennan on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Thank you very much, David, for coming to my aid over my "Sent Box".

It was very nice to see you again, and, as usual, you sorted out my computer problems in the most efficient and effective way possible. I shall definitely be recommending you to my friends and colleagues, Fleur

by Wendy, North London on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Thank you so much for your expert fixing of the images, text and stick. I was particularly impressed by your total professionalism including your thorough checking of everything that was done so that my mistakes could be corrected. You achieved a miracle in doing so much in so little time. The stick was sent off today by next-day delivery, all due to your excellent intervention in my IT dilemma!

by PT on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

.. thank you a zillion times for dropping everything that day and coming all the way to Thornton Heath to help get my 2 computers up and running. I was really stuck and panicing about what I could do (especially being housebound), but you came and saved the day (and my bacon because I had a report deadline to meet).

You'll be pleased to know both PC and Mac are both performing well now - and I'm happy once more. And trying very hard not to fiddle with anything......

Thanks again, for your speedy and skilful response.

by James Millar on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David was invaluable in gently steering a complete technophobe, using non-geek jargon, through the complexities of installing Skype, Adobe Flash, Mircosoft Word and much more besides!

by Veronica McIndoe on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

For the last five or six years David has been an invaluable port-of-call for all my IT problems. Problems in the main caused by myself not fully understanding what I should and, more importantly, not do. Although automatic updates do cause me problems behind the scenes. He is always very willing to cross London to get to me but if the problem seems solvable on the spot then he is there on Team Viewer. David is extremely knowledgeable and patient! Can't recommend him enough!

Thank you David.

by Jeoff Samson on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

How's this for Service!! A few months ago, David re-setup my Windows Live Mail after it had been overtaken by a Win10 update. He managed to re-install Live Mail, and then took a photo on his mobile of the e-mail Settings. Very recently we had a totally unexpected power outage during a Win 10 update/upgrade with the result that I again lost Live Mail, including my copies of the setting David had achieved. When I e-mailed him for help yesterday afternoon, he said he would see if he still had access to the photos of the settings; imagine my delight and pleasure when i received another email from him with the original photos, some 4 months after they were first taken!! That is SERVICE of a rare and very high level. If only this were the standard of service and support we could expect as normal these days!!! Well Done--and huge Thanks--David.

by Carole, Barkingside on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David you are a star and a life saver, thank you so much for the work and effort you have put into getting my e mail back. Carole

by Gillian Leapman on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Very good advice, and help. David sorted my problems and was most coherent in his answers. He made my problems go away and I'm most grateful for his assistance. I would thoroughly recommend.

by RIchard Amos on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David was a great help in quickly sorting out my PC issue caused by a Windows 10 update, virus and other issue. Even when my session ran over, he supported me to solve the final issues remotely. I lost no data and was up and running again within a day. Thanks, Richard

by Kate Murphy on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David was brilliant at sorting out a complete computer malfunction - caused by a failed Windows 10 update! He also offered a lot of useful advice and tips. He was hugely reassuring - and calming - at a time of great stress.

by Penny Ritchie Calder on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David kindly sorted out the transfer from an old to new laptop very efficiently. Lots of tips, recommendations and reassurance along the way. A refreshing no-jargon approach!

by Ian Calder on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David retrieved my data when my computer imploded, gave me very useful advice about a replacement and an extremely useful tutorial. He was a great comfort in a worrying time. Anyone with questions or thinking of updating their systems would do well to consult him.

by Richard Pearl on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I have always found David to be helpful, knowledgable and professional in all aspects of his work.

He is relaible about contacting me and keeps apppointments.

He is also honest about what he can and can't ahcieve in a given time frame and I find this invauable.

by Jeanne McSherry on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David I have found to be extremely patient and helpful with any and all queries, no matter how seemingly trivial or simple, treating them and me with total respect and utter patience. His ability to communicate clearly and effectively is the hallmark of a great teacher, especially one who is so knowledgeable but does not 'talk down' to those whom he is teaching, instead he shows huge understanding which means that the person he is teaching meaning me, felt able to speak openly about various issues re computing which otherwise I would have felt too embarrassed to ask for fear of being regarded as a total dunce!!! I would recommend David to anyone at any level who wishes to improve their grasp of computing and feel more confident in using computers/tablets/laptops/iPhones etc.

by Allen on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Very pleased with David's quick and efficient support. He has a natural empathy with clients and solved my upgrade issues in a clear, successful and cost effective way. Thoroughly recommended.

by Susan Aubrey-Cound on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David's service is fast, professional and extremely helpful. He was able to pinpoint and resolve my issue within the hour. Running two businesses from my home, I would not hesitate to work with him again in future. My systems have been set up iteratively over many years but David was un-fazed by the convoluted set up; his approach was logical and thorough - and I learnt a lot too.

by michael dibdin on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David receives my unqualified endorsement for his prompt, attentive, patient and efficient attention to my computer needs. Full marks!

by Anne Park on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

It is very reassuring to know that David is only a call or email away when a new techno challenge appears, accompanied by bewilderment and panic. He explains things simply, clearly and with great patience. He has the gift of teaching without making one feel stupid. We are so glad to have found him.

by Joseph, Stockwell on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David, who has been emailing me his blogs for a number of years, visited me in my home by arrangement to advise on the purchase of a replacement laptop computer, and to instruct me, and improve my skills on a number of computer activities as requested by me. He displayed a deep knowledge of his subject, and skill and patience in his instruction.

His willingness to follow up the teaching sessions through dealing with queries emailed to him has been most helpful.

I am therefore confident in recommending his services to others.

by Juliette on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I was really struggling to understand how to format photographs into word documents. I was asked at work to create visual guidelines for a manual and had no experience in this. David was amazing,, he certainly came to my rescue and helped me to learn this skill in half a day. I learnt so much with him in such short time. He was very patient with me and clearly gave step by step instructions clearly. I would highly recommend him.

by Kate Kernoff on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

For someone like me who is of a certain age and somewhat computer-phobic,I have always found David patient, extremely clear and he doesn't make me feel inadequate if I ask the most basic of questions! Moreover, he has very willingly guided me and at the other end of the phone when panic sets in......... which has been much appreciated. (K.K.)

by Elaine on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I have been using David for our family's PC problems for over 5 years and value him and his services so much I even took him to New York with me (albeit 'remotely') when we relocated last year. Over the years he has not only cured all manner of ills that have happened to the computers within my household I have even taken him computer shopping with us to make sure we have bought the right computers for our family needs. I think his blogs are helpful and insightful and I treasure and appreciate him greatly.

by David Sawyer on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I have been using David for PC problems for some time. I have found him to provide a prompt service. David has a way of explaining the problem and the solution in easy to understand language. He is also able to solve some problems by remote access, using Team Viewer.

by Rosaleen McKee on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Faultless service. No nonsense approach, prompt and courteous, problem solved. An invaluable resource-provider and a name to add to the emergency address-list.

by SJ, Camden on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David Leonard is the man to go to for IT help and advice. His knowledge and prompt attention to problems is invaluable and his regular blogs on IT matters interesting and informative. I hold him in high esteem.

by Camilla Broadbent on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Completely brilliant. David always answers my panic calls swiftly and deals with my problems patiently and efficiently.

Always honest if he comes across something he has to look up and his charges are so reasonable. He has a great sense of humour; always on time, can deal with some problems without having to visit and is unfailingly courteous and kind.

by S B SHAH on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Because of my secretarys stroke David was able to help me with Microsofts Word, Excel and scanning and machine translation of German documents. I had not acquired sufficient typing and clerical skills of making use of these programmes and these documents were confidential. David is proficient in computing,punctual,kind and considerate.S B SHAH B.Sc.Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accoutants and Institute of Taxation. 14 JUNE 2017

by Angela, Clapham on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David always provides a prompt response to requests for help. He is very patient, thorough and helpful and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone with a computer problem.

by Marilyn on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I had David's website in my "favourites" list for a long time just in case I needed assistance in the future. I'm jolly glad I did because he was such a help with advice regarding replacing my old desktop. Then installing it and setting up all the peripherals, all the time explaining what he was doing. Since then he has helped me with a problem I caused with one of my printers. It makes me feel secure in the knowledge that he is someone I can call upon if I get into any difficulties. The website is very informative and also his regular emails regarding various issues. David is a very affable person and easy to get along with. I can't thank him enough.

by Marisa on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I found the service prompt and he was able to help whilst I was in Italy in a mountain location,

he was able to access my computer from the UK.

by Alex on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I was very happy with the IT support and problems solved. David responded to my request speedily, was punctual, patient when explaining things to a novice like myself and I would always use his services.

by Sarah, Kennington on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David has been my go-to IT person for several years and provides a brilliant service. As a freelancer, I need to be always-on, and he makes sure I am!

by Eric from Islington on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David came to my 'rescue' a few times now. Always on time when visiting or returning a desperate call in timely manner, he is highly reliable and professional. A good name in any address book; I strongly recommend his services to anyone.

by Cathy on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I would have no hesitation in recommending David to anyone who needs any kind of IT help and support. He explains things clearly and well, and decodes all those mysteries that confront an confuse non-techies like myself - and he even saves you money!

by Catherine Stormont on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I found David on the internet and he offered a special rate for the 'silver surfer'. My mother was well into her 80's but wanting to be on-line and use email but I did not have the knowledge to problem-solve when she had major problems with her antiquated computer. David was INVALUABLE and travelled out to the fringe of Greater London to help me help my Mother. He installed a completely new computer/printer and set it up for her and was patient and understanding as I grilled him on the things I thought I ought to know to enable me to answer my Mothers questions over the coming weeks. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

by anna on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I found David from the internet ! He never pretends that he knows more than he does, is balanced in all his assessments, understanding about those of us who aren't "techies", helpful and practical.

In a world that constantly promises, it is good to find someone who delivers.

by Catherine Birch on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David's IT help is always much appreciated. He is effective and thorough as well as instructive. I am pleased to recommend his computer support in London to others as a reasonable investment in home solutions. He is outstanding with organisation and mindful of security. A calm and careful professional.

by Kathleen McNicholas on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I have had reason to get advice from David re-my new Apple iMac His help & valuable advice helped me so much. I had four or five lessons from David, & felt very confidant at the end to carry on myself.

I learned a lot from Him in them short few lessons. Feel great that I can always rely on him to help with any problems that should accur in future. I would recommend him to all my friends.

A grateful client,

Kathleen McNicholas

by Paola Zanasi on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I came across Davids website a few years ago when I was fed up of being taken for a ride by a local IT company which I will not name. I get in touch with David regularly for advice and being a Silver Surfer he has always been very helpful in sorting my computer problems and not making me feel like an idiot like the other company did. I cannot imagine what I could do without his computer knowledge. David I am very grateful to have found you xx

by david freeman on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

It has been incredibly re assuring over several years now to know that - when needed - I have the support of David available. He has always given me sound advice and help - could not imagine what I'd do otherwise !

by Illtyd Lewis on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David has always responded to my IT problems most effectively and promptly.

I have not found a more helpful 'IT Support' and intend to continue using his excellent service.

by karen slater on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Always very instructive and helpful

by Robert Warwick on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David has always been a great help when I encountered problems with my PC, even when this required extended time to install new systems and ensure that my online security was adequate for my needs.

by Robert Slotover on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I have had help with my computer before but David was the first to get to grips with my myriad problems while simultaneously explaining what he was doing and giving invaluable advice.

Three hours went by in a flash leaving me in a better world altogether as far as my PC is concerned.


Robert Slotover

by Tina, Epsom on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Dear David,

I have been happily emailing out and receiving in to the outlook set up enabling me to delete out duplicates and find all my society mail in the one place. It is wonderful and I am very grateful to you for sorting it.

I am a little computer savvy and seeing the stages and checks you made I am thinking that I could have done it given fifty uninterrupted years to sit and think and work through the out of date help notes and things so two hours of your time and help – golden.

If I have more things I want to set up I will not hesitate to call on you.

Best wishes,


by David, Lausanne, Switzerland on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I was in the UK on a business trip and my laptop caught a very nasty virus. David came to my hotel and within a short period of time got everything cleared up and I was able to work again.

I can’t explain how grateful I am for his help.

David, once again, many, many thanks!

by Donna, South London on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David was fantastic with the help and support his company offers. The session was tailored exactly to my requirements and I was able to use my work laptop to learn further IT functions.
Of all the IT consultants I contacted; not only was the price David offered very competitive, most companies did not offer the bespoke course that I was looking for, but David did.

He was able to come to my location of choice which made it a lot easier to plan my time effectively.

I would definitely recommend his services and would absolutely call on him again if need be.

by David, Balham on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Many thanks for your careful, sympathetic and thorough approach and action when you came to see me.

My laptop is working much better and at last I have a functioning printer.

by Rupert, Clapham on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I cannot thank David enough for setting up my new computer. In 2006 I had installed my old Dell Windows XP computer without any help and without any problems. However, on getting my new Dell Windows computer in 2014 I felt uneasy about attempting it again by myself, as everything to do with computers seems to have become more complicated and stressful than it was 8 years ago. I was therefore in need of some friendly, experienced and knowledgeable person who could sort out any potential problem and deal with all the stress I would otherwise have felt myself.

So I was more than a little overjoyed when I came across David’s website, and all of the encouraging testimonials left by many of the people David has helped over the years. As for my computer set-up, I had been right to be wary of doing it by myself as it proved to be more than a little challenging. For example, because my computer had a graphics card the monitor wouldn’t work when first switched on even though the set up was in accordance with the written instructions that came with the equipment. However, David, who understood the problem, knew immediately that I needed to use a different cable not specified in the instructions, a cable that we eventually found lurking at the bottom of the box.

Had I been on my own I would have been entirely defeated. Then there was the problem I had with “Microsoft Office 2013”. It should either have been pre-installed by Dell on the computer or else come in the form of a CD, neither of which proved to be the case. Again, had I been on my own, I would have been entirely defeated as well as totally stressed. So, once more, I cannot recommend David more highly to anyone needing help with their computer, whatever their level of previous experience.

by Nicky, Chiswick on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Hi David,

Peter was thrilled with the work you did on his computer, and feels very safe in your computer whizz hands. I will be in touch in the next few months arranging when he would next like to see you.

Thank you for coming


by Tony Morris, Psychotherapist, Putney on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I used to be an IBM programmer, then a computer network manager, and latterly taught computing (Word, Excel, etc) before the systems software side became far too complicated for me!

So with that background I can really appreciate David’s knowledge and skills, and I particularly take to his reasonable fees, that he works quickly but doesn’t rush, is friendly and open so will listen to you and your difficulties. He doesn't blind you with jargon, will explain what he’s doing and why, or just fix it if you prefer.

He’s got me out of trouble when the problem was beyond me. I’ve recommended him to many friends and colleagues.

by Mel, Ilford on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Hi david. This is just a quick txt 2 thank u sooo much for today, i dont think u realise jus how much it meant 2 me 2 b able 2 access my old apps especially as u no some of them contained very important information. Thanx you so much again. Till the nxt time, take care. Luv mel,

by John, Mature Student, N E London on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Having previously been on the receiving end of a patronising, and impatient, IT consultant and trainer, I found David’s approach very refreshing. His professional advice, and technical support, was delivered in a non-patronising manner, with great clarity - free from complicated jargon.

Having advised me that I needed a new router, and a more efficient and workable, internet connection, David quickly turned the situation around. His general and impartial advice, on computer software was also most helpful and informative.

David’s expertise has enabled me to resume my academic studies from home. A godsend for all students who prefer to study in familiar surroundings.

Significantly, David deals with his clients problems in an empathetic manner. He fully understands, and appreciates, the difficulties and limitations, of those without his technical knowledge.

Without hesitation, or reservation, I thoroughly recommend him.

by Sue, Surbiton on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Thanks for all your efforts fixing my computer, even though inadvertently, I nearly sabotaged everything by turning a switch off, (which of course we won't mention) so without your help I would still be unable to continue my work with a local Resident's Association

Thanks again

by Nicole, Esher on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I was very impressed with your teaching. You are one of the few computer experts I have met that can explain things simply to those of us that do our best to resist technology.

by Sue, Stockwell on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

My feedback is all positive as what your consultancy provided me with was just what I needed after a hard disc crash - prompt, very helpful, courteous, non- patronising (you didn't make me feel stupid for not understanding terms and functions etc - you have no idea how important this is!) and available to provide follow-up assistance plus good value for money.

by Stuart Campbell on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David, my thanks once again. I will be delighted to be added to your list of very happy clients!

by Anne Stephenson (Doctor) on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David has been a wonderful support for us and our computers over the years.

Recently my daughter's computer broke down in the middle of A-levels and he came straight over and sorted us out within a couple of hours which was a god-send.

He is totally reliable and very intelligent and also an interesting person to sit with over a struggling computer.

Thanks David.

by Wendy on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I am glad that I found you, you were superb.

by Maria on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Thank you so much for your help yesterday. And thank you for the information in the email below. Talk about good after-care! You are honest, trustworthy and totally professional. It was a pleasure to meet you.

I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I know who needs computer help. And equally I will be in touch again if I ever need your help.

Thank you again.

by Deirdre Gough on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I have known David Leonard for more than five years. Whenever I go completely mad with my computer and can't make it do what I want, need to upgrade, find out information or just need help, David has always been there for me.

Recently I decided to advertise with Google ............. in 25 years of running my own therapy practice I have never advertised and was slightly anxious about trying it. David explained the whole process of how Google could work for me. We set targets, defined markets, set the geographical area where my ads are shown, and chose the ads and keywords we would start with. We also agreed the amount of money I would spend each day. He explained that I can turn the campaign on and off at will. He put me in control while he does the fine tuning each day to maximize the clicks I receive. I believe that online advertising is the way to go, but I needed expert help as I didn't want to run the campaign myself.

It worked...........

by Lilly Stuart on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David has always been extremely helpful in solving any problems we have encountered. For two professionals working for themselves, dependent on a computer functioning all the time he has been a life line throughout, now for umpteen years. Eg he managed to retrieve all Lilly's data from a very serious computer crash - an absolutely god-sent rescue! Lilly, who also - for a separate task to her main profession - needs constant, reliable access to the Internet, has frequently been rescued by David with numerous daunting problems encountered in that area.

David has last year set up Lilly's website, a great success, too. He then helped her through the ghastly maze of being accessible on Google - don't try it yourself, unless you have endless time and patience. He is 'managing' her Google stuff - one less thing to think about, at an extremely reasonable fee. He has always been easily accessible, often helping over the phone eg. We never had to wait long for his help, if he had to come out to see us.

Lilly is completely dependent on his extremely reliable service, and he has never let her down. David is always pleasant to have around. He explains matters really well ( and patiently!!!). His fees are most reasonable. In short, we cannot recommend him highly enough.

by Christine Bell on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I was delighted to discover David Leonard's IT consultancy and to have the benefit of his patience and skill in helping me to deal with some of my computer problems. He was particularly persistent with trying to stem the tide of spam recently.

I have greatly appreciated the speed of his response, his ethical approach to charging and his ability to use a language that I can understand!

by Colin Brennan on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

As a freelance journalist nothing can come between me and meeting a deadline including IT blips, bugs and viruses. It is not a matter of the 'show must go on.' The show will go on with or without me.

Since David came on the scene, I have become confident that when problems come up, they will be solved and I can get on with what I am meant to be doing. That is a nice feeling.

by Fleur Brennan on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

You are fast, efficient, friendly and with endless patience.

by Sarah Collings on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

This is techno made painfree and child-proof. Many thanks.

by Julie Dunstan on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

I like David's approach. He's friendly and professional and has rescued me repeatedly from those irritating computer niggles! He's great on recommending products as well.... Thanks David.!

by David Lewis on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

David Leonard created a full suite of software for us in 1985 and has made many improvements over the years. We still use much of the software almost continuously. Although it has been reliable and robust, we call David in from time to time from his South London business address to our Oxfordshire offices.

He continues to provide first class advice and technical support and has become a trusted friend to us and our business.

by Dr Liz Miller on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

Great personal service. Extremely helpful.

by Anja Saunders on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

It is reassuring to know that I can call David and he will know the answers to the questions I don't even know how to ask.

by Jackie Springford on David Leonard - Computer Support in London

When we were in crisis, David was there.

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